Computer File on Disk:

One of the best ways to submit your project is from your original computer files. To avoid software compatibility conflicts, we have found that the best way to send your files is in a PDF format (Portable Document Format).
The most common program for creating PDFs is Adobe Acrobat. If you are not familiar with this program, please call us and we can direct you in alternate ways to prepare your file.

Hard Copy Original:

This method is great for reproducing old manuscripts that are type only. Graphics and photos do not reproduce as well using this method. New projects may be submitted this way, provided photos and graphics are furnished separately. Extra charges apply for custom scanning of photos and graphics.
Please call for details.

Unformatted Computer File:

Our expert staff can help you with any part of the file preparation process, including typesetting, formatting, scanning, editing, and design of your project. These services are priced at an hourly rate and are bid as each project requires. Please call for details.

Please contact us before submitting files for print.

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